Business Services

Cash Management

Metro Bank’s cash management account add-on to online banking is perfect for any business that pays employees via ACH (Automated Clearing House) with direct deposits or makes electronic transfers/payments with authorization to debit customers and accounts at other locations. As a business moves toward a paperless method, the cash management product will help with benefits of: eliminating employee’s time of waiting in line at the bank on pay day, cost to reissue lost checks, stop payment fees and streamlines a company’s control of funds. Each company representative uses a password and token security controls with access to only assigned accounts. Contact a customer service representative at (205) 884-6154 or (205) 338-5788 for details on how to add cash management to your online banking experience.

Merchant Processing

  • Electronically process all forms and methods of payment.
  • See New Accounts Representative for full details.

Telephone Banking (205) 338-2265

  • Free telephone banking 24 hours a day.
  • Balance inquiry & transfers.

Night Depository

For your safety and convenience, night depository is available at Metro Bank. Transactions dropped off after business hours are processed at the beginning of the next business day with receipts mailed or picked up by the customer. Any transactions placed in the night drop after 7:30 AM will not be processed until the following business day.

Online Banking Login security statement

Reporting lost or stolen debit cards

  • During business hours
    (205) 884-6200
  • After business hours
    (800) 500-1044